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Big generous portions, conveniently packaged, and takes less than a few minutes to throw together and get that restaurant quality dish, right at home! The best part is that you don't need to do any peeling, cutting, washing, fileting or any of that boring stuff. Just go from bag, to pan, to dish in a few minutes.”

– Yuou H

“Fast and delicious. Such a tasty and fast meal! So happy to have something so delicious and convenient in the freezer. Impressed how little waste there was too! Can’t wait to try more”

– Sharon E

“The amount of flavour you get from 10 min of pure stirring is incredible. Cheaper than food delivery, way easier than meal kits where you need 2 pans, cutting board and an oven.”

– Kenny I

Convenient, high quality, affordable, fresh and DELICIOUS lunch! This dish was so easy to make, and SUPER DELICIOUS!!! Took less than 10 minutes to prepare as per instruction and the rigatoni turned out perfectly cooked - Al Dente! The bolognese sauce is very flavourful, Better than a lot of the restaurant dishes I’ve had in the past. The portion is just perfect for two people, we both work from home so this is such a life saver!!!!”

– Christy X