Chef Lisa Kitahara
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Elevated Everyday

Our favourite go-to meals!
Starting at $9.99 per portion, 2 portions per dish.

    Chefs' Specials

    Our unique partnered chef dishes!
    Starting at $12.49 per portion, 2 portions per dish.


    Our flavourful sides to help make mealtimes easier than ever!
    $3.25 per portion, 4 portions per dish.


      Warm up with our coziest soups.
      $6.99 per portion, 2 portions per dish.


        Elevate dishes with our favourite garnish.
        $0.75 per portion, 8 portions per dish.

          SPATULA+ Friends

          Crafty Ramen

          Chef-made high-quality ramen perfect for noodle enthusiasts.
          $14.99 per ramen kit, 1 bowl of ramen per kit.

            General Assembly Pizza

            A better frozen pizza, ready in 7-minutes.
            $11.99 per 10" pizza.

              Churnt Up

              Premium handcrafted ice cream made fresh in small batches.
              $11.99 per pint.

                Conspiracy Pizza

                Creative, top quality pies, featuring house smoked meats and fresh toppings.
                $11.99 per 10" pizza.


                  Handmade and hand-rolled frozen dumplings.
                  $21.99 per bag, 18 pieces per bag.


                    Savoury patties & pies are made with fresh, whole ingredients.
                    $16.49 per dozen.