Benefits of Supporting Local

During the pandemic, we saw many pushes to support local businesses here in Ontario, across Canada, and around the world. While many took that call-to-action to heart at the time, some may struggle to see why they should continue to support local businesses as we return to normalcy. 

The convenience factor of big retailers may be tempting to take advantage of, but just because they’re convenient doesn’t mean that local businesses aren't! 

When you support local, there are so many benefits to both yourself, the community, and the environment. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more!

Supporting your community

When you support local businesses, you’re supporting your neighbours! When SPATULA first launched, we had limited shipping within Toronto because that’s where our Co-Founders live, and as demand grew among our extended community, we quickly expanded to Southwestern Ontario. We have big dreams of shipping nationally as our team grows across the country, so you’re always supporting neighbours when you support SPATULA!

If we don’t already ship to you, have you signed up for our newsletters? That way, you’ll be among the first to know when we’re in your area!

Enjoy perks and incredible service

Every customer means the world to a small business, whereas major corporations often see you as nothing more than a number. Small businesses can boast incredible customer service because more often than not, the person helping you on the other side of that phone call or email is the business owner or someone who’s been with the team since the very start.

Plus, any feedback you provide can actually change the direction of the company! Being small means we can be agile and take your feedback to heart. SPATULA prides ourselves on genuinely listening to our customers; for example, after hearing from SPATULA lovers, we implemented the subscription-free Discovery Box and a referral program that our customers now swear by. 

Encourage young entrepreneurs

SPATULA started with an idea shared by two friends, and knowing the support local businesses saw during the pandemic, both Ian and Wallace were excited to start their own.

When young entrepreneurs see businesses in their neighbourhood succeeding with the support of their own neighbours, it makes them more confident to take the plunge themselves and go for it!

We’ll skip the boring economics lesson, but the bottom line is: healthy market competition is fundamental for a strong economy! By encouraging local businesses, customers like yourself benefit from lower prices, higher quality goods and services, greater variety, and more innovation. Psst… did you know that SPATULA ticks off every one of those boxes? Supporting us means better customer experiences for yourself!

Environmental Sustainability

We are proud to use locally grown ingredients in our dishes whenever possible, which means we help reduce carbon emissions because our fresh ingredients don’t need to travel long distances overseas to our kitchen.

Plus, because we’re made in Ontario and ship within our province, there’s no need for planes, trains, or boats in order to get your orders to you - which means our carbon footprint is much smaller than large corporations.