How it started



Ian was studying in France when the pandemic struck. With limited access to fresh ingredients, a lack of time, and let’s be real, minimal culinary skills, he reluctantly turned to frozen foods.

But to his surprise, he found a delicious slice of paradise in the frozen cuisine beloved by the French, which made him think, why didn’t this quality exist at home in Canada?

Partnering with his friend Wallace, a Michelin-trained chef, and wife, Shela, the trio set out on a mission: To create frozen restaurant-quality dishes that could easily be prepared at home without compromising on taste.


How it’s going

Enter the Den


Having been invited to pitch on the show, our Co-Founding team went on CBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2023.

After a fierce cooking competition with the Dragons battling against our very own Michelin-trained Chef Wallace, Ian, Shela and Wallace were excited to receive an offer from all of the 5 Dragons.

Ultimately, the team accepted a $500,000 offer from Arlene Dickinson and are thrilled to be working with her as SPATULA continues growing.

How we think

Our Values

Our standards are far
from standard

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We want our dishes to taste as if you were sitting at the chef's table every single time.

No secret ingredients,
just quality ones

We carefully source the highest quality, freshest ingredients for all our dishes. We never use artificial anything or add preservatives, ever.

Flash-freezing is
fresh thinking

Advanced flash-freezing technology minimizes the size of water crystals formed inside foods which helps preserve the true texture, taste, and freshness of all our dishes.


How we dream

Our Vision

Our vision is to give Canadians a solution in the kitchen that's ultra-convenient and crazy delicious. You deserve to eat without compromising on time or quality.

We imagine a future where the full potential of high-quality frozen meals can be unlocked.

We aim to do this by curating a wide selection of restaurant-quality frozen dishes in Canada both through our own kitchens and through brand partnerships.

Join us on our culinary journey today!

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