Two stories. One idea.

It all started when founders Ian Weng and Wallace Wong had an idea on different sides of the ocean.


Counter culture

Ian was studying in France when the pandemic struck. With limited access to fresh ingredients, a lack of time, and let’s be real, minimal culinary skills, he reluctantly turned to frozen foods. But to his surprise, he found a delicious slice of paradise in the frozen cuisine beloved by the French, which made him think, why didn’t this quality exist at home in Canada?


Picture perfect

Meanwhile, 6,000 km to the west, Ian’s friend Wallace – a chef trained at some of the world’s top restaurants – was sharing his love for cooking on social media, because with restaurants closed, he needed a new way to engage with his foodie followers. But how could he feed those fans, too?


Frozen flipped

Then they had an idea. Use the latest flash-freezing technology to perfectly preserve the taste, texture, and freshness of high-quality cuisine. For people who love food, that meant they could cook a Chef-created dish at their convenience. And for Chefs, that meant a new platform for them to promote their culinary creations outside of traditional restaurants.

SPATULA philosophy

Our standards are far from standard

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We want our dishes to taste as if you were sitting at the Chef’s Table at a fine restaurant.

No secret ingredients, just quality ones

We carefully source the highest quality, freshest ingredients for all our dishes. We never use artificial anything or add preservatives, ever.

Flash-freezing is fresh thinking

Advanced flash-freezing technology minimizes the size of water crystals formed inside foods which helps preserve the true texture, taste, and freshness of all our dishes.

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Everyone loves great-tasting food, but not everyone has the time or talent to cook it. You could eat out every night, or order in every day, but who can afford that? And where’s the love?

But with SPATULA, you get the Chef created cuisine and quality you’d expect from your favourite restaurant, except you get to cook it yourself. And using advanced flash-freezing technology, you get the true taste, texture, and freshness no dish should be without.

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Taste the difference SPATULA makes

The best ingredients

We only source high-quality, fresh ingredients. We never use artificial anything or add preservatives in any way. Period.

The perfect texture, flavour, freshness

Advanced flash-freezing technology minimizes the size of water crystals formed inside foods during the freezing process. This helps preserve the texture, taste, and freshness of our dishes.

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