Corporate Gifting


Say thanks in a delicious way

With the number of hours we spend at work, our teams and clients often feel like family.

Unfortunately, many professionals find themselves short on time and sacrifice at mealtimes, making due with soggy sandwiches at lunch or cold meal delivery after a long day. Treat your team and top clients to the dishes they deserve with SPATULA’s Corporate Gifting!

We’re excited to offer corporate gifting opportunities so you can support a small local business while showing your appreciation for your team and/or clients. There are so many reasons to thank your team, from reaching a big goal, celebrating the holidays, or simply as a thoughtful token of your appreciation.

We work with companies like yours to build custom gift packages that meet your team’s specific needs.

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Past Corporate Partners

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The deets

We work directly with you to create custom gifting options personalised to your needs. The most popular choices are set boxes of chosen dishes delivered directly to your team members’ homes, or gift vouchers for recipients to redeem whenever they like, for whichever dishes they like.

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