Expand your restaurant's sales by selling frozen

Powered by SPATULA is a one-stop-shop to help restaurants transform and sell their top dishes as flash-frozen products across Ontario.

You do the cooking and we'll take care of the rest.

How It Works

You do the cooking, and we'll take care of everything else.

  1. Pick up

    You do the cooking, and we’ll pick up your food in large batches from your restaurant.

  2. Pack

    Our staff will pack your dishes into individually portioned products based on your specifications.

  3. Packaging

    We’ll work with you to design beautiful packaging and regulatory compliant nutritional labels.

  4. Freeze

    We bring your food to our facilities and flash freeze it using commercial blast freezers that drop to -50°C.

  5. Storage

    Don’t have enough frozen storage space? No problem, we can store it for you.

  6. Delivery

    Receive your products for sale in your restaurant, food delivery, or Ontario-wide distribution via SPATULA.

Why work with ?

  1. Incremental Revenue

    Drive incremental sales and increased check sizes by selling frozen meals as a “to go” option for meals later in the week.

  2. Ontario-Wide Distribution

    Reach new customers with Ontario-wide distribution of your products on the SPATULA online Marketplace.

  3. Combat Recessionary Pressures

    Optimize your team and kitchen usage during downtime.

  4. Sell Products in Retail Stores

    Create products you can sell in retail stores across Ontario

  5. No Upfront Capital Investment

    You don’t need to invest in any equipment. We do everything on a variable basis, to help you reduce risk.


We looked into creating packaged foods to help drive incremental sales during COVID.

However, it was more complicated than we thought, with new processes, packaging, capital and resources.

- Restaurant Owner


Skip the complications.
We streamline the process from beginning to end.

Let's work together!

Experience the magic of
Powered By SPATULA

See how our delicious dishes come to life, as if by magic.

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