Give the Gift of Deliciousness

What do you give the person who seems to have everything or never asks for anything? The art of finding the perfect gift can feel like a real challenge - especially when you want to give them something they’ll really enjoy. Skip the endless gift guides that recommend a mug that will gather dust on the shelf, and give them an experience that makes life easier!

SPATULA offers gifting options!

Whether you’re looking to give them something in person or need to send a virtual gift, we’ve got you covered. 

We offer both virtual gift cards or vouchers, and the option to gift a Discovery Box! What’s the difference? 

Our virtual gift cards are delivered via email, which means you don’t need a physical mailing address in order to send this gift. Recipients can choose how they want to SPATULA, whether starting a subscription or trying the commitment-free Discovery Box option. Either way, they choose their own dishes, so no need to worry about dietary restrictions, allergies, or fussy eaters!

Our Discovery Box gifting option allows you to curate a menu of dishes just for them that will arrive at their door. If you know their mailing address and their favourite cuisines, send them a selection of our most popular dishes! That way, they’ll have SPATULA on hand to enjoy whenever suits them. 

Psst... both options are available as part of our corporate gifting program as well, so whether gifting one person or many, you've got options!

Ready for the best part of gifting SPATULA? You’re supporting a local small business while showing a loved one just how much they mean to you. It’s truly a win-win. 

The most popular reasons for gifting SPATULA:

  • First time homeowners
    We’ve all been there: you’ve just moved in, you’re surrounded by boxes, your new kitchen is empty, and you’re starving. No need to stress about figuring out which nearby Chinese or pizza place is the best - all you need is a pan and spatula to enjoy a delicious meal in your new home. Plus, if the plates are buried under a million other boxes, you can eat straight out of your pan - we don’t judge!
  • New parents 
    The exhaustion that comes with newborns is no joke, and we all want to be there for friends and family that have welcomed new additions to their families. Becoming new parents can take over their lives and finding time to enjoy themselves and the things they used to love while taking care of a little one can feel impossible. Give them the gift of a restaurant experience at home, so they can enjoy chef-quality food in their comfiest clothes (with or without spit-up). 
  • Get well gifts
    Growing up, our parents almost always had a go-to meal when we weren’t feeling well. There’s a reason for that: eating a hearty, warm meal can have restorative powers. Being an adult means having to prepare that healing dish yourself, and that’s nearly an insurmountable challenge when you’re feeling far from decent. Your gift will save the day, because all they’ll need is a pan and spatula to start feeling so much better. 
  • Condolence gifts
    Loss and grief are an unavoidable part of life, and they seem to show up at the worst times. Everyone reacts differently to these unwelcome surprises; some may want to be surrounded by their community of loved ones, and others may want space. Either way, show you care with SPATULA so they can make use of your gift whenever they need it - maybe they'll invite you to dine with them, or maybe they'll enjoy a moment's peace with a comforting dish. 
  • Thank you/appreciation gifts
    We’ve heard from medical professionals with lengthy shifts and teachers who show up early and stay late to create lesson plans, and they agree: SPATULA is a lifesaver. Say a special thank you to the professional who goes above and beyond with a gift that will make their life so much easier. Better still, if they work from home, they can enjoy SPATULA on their lunch breaks! 

    Ready to give an unforgettable present and become everyone’s favourite gifter? Let’s get started!

    Looking to gift on a larger scale? We also offer Corporate gift packages and experiences!