How to Show Support for New Parents

The exhaustion that comes with newborns is no joke, and we all want to be there for friends and family that have welcomed new additions to their families. Becoming a new parent can take over every aspect of your life, so finding time to enjoy yourself and the things you love to do while taking care of a little one can feel impossible. 

Sometimes knowing just how to show up for them isn’t easy. We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to support the new parents in your life, while still giving them space to grow into their new role. 

Check in with them on their terms 

It’s important to check in on your friends and family with newborns! Suddenly, talking to fellow adults becomes so much more important and challenging than anyone could have thought possible. However, their hands are full, literally and figuratively. 

The first rule of showing up for them? Don’t do it unexpectedly, whether you’re stopping by their home or giving them a call, you could wake the baby they just finally got to sleep, or worse, their own nap if they’ve found that ever-elusive opportunity to catch up on ZZZs. Shoot them a text and ask if this is a good time for a call or visit. Be patient if they haven’t replied within a few hours, but feel free to ask if they’re okay and if there’s anything you can do to help. 

Take a closer look at your errands

Stopping by the grocery store, pharmacy, or mall while running your own errands? Finding time to drop by at these everyday stops can be hard while juggling work and a social life, but even harder with a newborn at home. When writing your own to-do list, check in and see if you can pick up anything for the new parent in your life while you’re out and about! They’ll be so appreciative, as it’s one less thing for them to worry about while navigating feeding and sleeping schedules. 

A growing to-do list

Make mealtimes one less thing to worry about

Give them the gift of a restaurant experience at home, so they can enjoy chef-quality food in their comfiest clothes (with or without spit-up). Ordering in from a meal delivery service does require a fair amount of forethought: between choosing where to order from and waiting for the food can take well over an hour. And which new parent has the time or the energy to cook something from scratch? 

Luckily, new parents can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes at home in just 10 minutes with SPATULA Foods! Being able to pull an authentic Beef Bourguignon or cozy Orange Chicken straight out of the freezer without defrosting or thawing, and enjoying it mere moments later is something they’ll appreciate more than words can describe. Seriously, being able to make and enjoy a delicious dish in less time than it takes to dress a wiggly newborn in a fickle onesies is an unforgettable experience.

New parents and co-founders of SPATULA Ian Weng and wife Shela Kwong with baby Olive

Above: Co-founder and CEO Ian Weng, with wife and co-founder Shela Kwong, and baby Olive photographed with Chef Romain Avril’s Beef Bourguignon.

Send a Thoughtful Gift

Life has been turned upside down for new parents. Everything from the big, everyday things to the small, treat-yourself moments are now a challenge. If you want to show you care about them, there are so many thoughtful gifts to consider!

Love skincare? Create a basket of easy-to-use items that can be worn while multitasking, like a hydrating face mask. This way, busy parents can get stuff done while sneaking in a refreshing moment. 

Know they’re into the foodie scene? New parents are among SPATULA’s biggest fans, and gifting them easy 10 minute meals couldn’t be simpler. You can send a box of dishes you know they’ll love straight to their door with our Discovery Box option or send them a virtual gift card so they can choose their dishes and delivery date themselves. 

Bring Snacks, Lots of snacks.

Anyone with young kids knows that finding time to sit down for a meal isn’t easy. Food is a love language for many, but if you think meals have handled, why not bring grab-and-go snacks? Snacks like crackers, granola bars, fresh fruit and veggies (slice them up if you want to go the extra mile!), freshly baked muffins (extra points if they’re home-baked!) and string cheese are beloved by kids and adults alike for a reason.

We hope these ideas help inspire you as your friends and family settle into the role of mom or dad to a newborn. 

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