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Excited to try SPATULA but not ready for a recurring subscription? We’ve got a special opportunity just for you, with the release of an exclusive Discovery Box! 

Available for just a limited time, our Discovery Box includes Chef Romain Avril’s Braised Beef Bourguignon with Pearl Onions and Pomme Purée, Chef Wallace Wong's Wild Mushroom Truffled Risotto and Parmigiano Reggiano, and our Spanish Saffron-Infused Seafood Paella with Chicken and Chorizo. Each dish has 2 portions, which means this unique box includes 6 servings - all you need to enjoy is a pan and a spatula!

Learn more about the dishes included in the Discovery Box:

Salivate over our Bourguignon

Melt into our Risotto

Take a bite of our Paella

Don’t hesitate! This special box won’t be around forever, and you can only purchase once per customer. Dishes in this box are pre-selected, and cannot be swapped.

Promo codes not applicable to Discovery Box purchases

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