Top 4 Lunches while Working from Home

While many miss being in office, others are discovering new perks to enjoy working from home. Sure, both have their benefits, and we’re not here to argue one is better than the other - but having access to your kitchen is something undeniably great about working from the home office. No need to label your lunch in the fridge, or worry if someone is going to finish the coffee without starting a new pot - you’re in charge at home!

And along with having all your favourite pantry staples within walking distance, you’ve also got your freezer, a spatula and a pan (see where we’re going with this?)

Whether your schedule allows you to take a proper lunch break or you’re looking at another day of eating quickly between meetings at your desk, SPATULA has you covered. Our dishes are:

  • Ready in just 10 minutes
  • No defrosting, no prep, no mess - just cook and enjoy!
  • Able to fit into any schedule 
  • Delicious and filling to keep you going all day long!

We polled the team, and found the top 4 best WFH lunches!

  1. Pan Seared Tilapia with Roasted White Wine Tomatoes and Herbed Couscous
    Many prefer sandwiches and salads for lunch because we want a light lunch to save room for a heartier dinner. However, just because a lunch feels lighter doesn’t mean it can’t also be filling and flavourful.
    With our Pan Seared Tilapia, you’ll get a protein-filled dish with bright and refreshing flavours to re-energize your day, so you can keep powering through those meetings that should have been emails. 
  2. Creamy Basil Pesto Bucatini with Fior di Latte and Sun Dried Tomatoes
    Looking for a delicious dish that won’t weigh you down heading into your afternoon? How about a lunch that adds some fun to your day?
    Slurp and pull your way through your lunch break with our Creamy Basil Pesto Bucatini - but be careful not to mess on your nice top (come on, no need to hide it! We all know it’s business up top and sweatpants below the camera frame, juuuust out of sight). 
  3. Spicy Thai Panang Chicken Curry over Fluffy Coconut Rice with Roasted Peanuts
    Getting a little sleepy as the day drags on? We dare you not to wake up after just one bite of our Spicy Thai Panang Chicken!
    This one will send a spark through your system, clear your sinuses, and put a little colour in your cheeks. Plus, the heat in this dish encourages you to stay hydrated, which is always important - just make sure to keep a glass of water in reach.   
  4. Chef Wallace Wong's Wild Mushroom Truffled Risotto and Parmigiano Reggiano
    Whether you feel like you’re struggling to make progress on all your projects, or you’ve absolutely knocked an assignment out of the park, we’re firm believers in treating yourself.
    Enjoy the very definition of a luxurious midday break with this elevated truffled dish! Creamy, luscious risotto is the answer to everything and one bite will confirm you’ve made the right choice in preparing this 10 minute dream.